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Lucky Plaza Batam

Lucky Plaza Batam

Batam is famous for electronic equipment at low prices. This is because this area is a Free Trade Zone are exempt VAT and luxury sales. But other than that due to the Batam which is the outermost part of Indonesia territory adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia resulted and electronic stuff (gadgets) smuggled from abroad. So do not be surprised if the price of this kind of gadget, called BM (Black Market) is much more cheaper than the normal market price.

One of the largest and most comprehensive fitness gadgets at Batam is Lucky Plaza in Nagoya, Batam . At Lucky Plaza’s various latest gadgets on the market that have not even Indonesia can be found up and also used gadgets can be found here. If you are clever enough to bid so you can get a cheaper price. At Lucky Plaza, there are two types of gadgets by warranty from the vendor is authorized warranty and warranty gadget store. For store warranty policies typically  a maximum of one week, gadgets with store warranty usually are goods BM (black market) so you can get a much cheaper price. Although the BM stuff but gadgets sold here are very similar to the original item that distinguishes usually is the software inside that no Indonesian language.

The gadget is available in the Lucky Plaza is a wide range of comprehensive and highly secured, ranging from mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, pocket up to DSLR cameras including accessories, and other electronic equipment are also available. Lucky Plaza is located in the central business district of Nagoya are very crowded, when you come to Batam obliged to visit Lucky Plaza for shopping the latest gadgets.

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