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Welcome To Pulau Batam / Batam Island
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Welcome To Batam

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Batam Map
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Batam Island is situated at 1°07' North latitude and 104°07' East longitude. The land is characterised by rolling hill terrain with the highest level at 161 meters above sea level. Lush vegetation covers most of the island with mangroves on the seashores The name Barelang is an abbreviated form of Batam, Rempang, and Galang islands. The total area of Barelang is 715 Barelang is part of the province of Riau, Indonesia, which is famous as the oil rich province. The capital of the province is the city of Pakanbaru, situated in the mainland Sumatra, about 45 minutes flying from Batam.

History of Batam

The history of Batam is tightly interwoven with nearby Bintan Island and the rest of Riau Archipelago. According to Chinese chronicles Batam was already inhabited as early as 231 A.D. when Singapore Island was still called 'Pulau Ujung' (Ujung Island). It came Malacca kingdom under control from the 13th century, and later taken over by the Sultan of Johor who ruled until the 18th century. The coastal villages that face Singapore is said to have been a hideout for pirates who hijacked ships in the strait.

In 1824 the name of the island again appear in London treaty, which led to the division of the region between the Dutch and the British. Batam and the surrounding islands later became part of the Riau Lingga Kingdom, a situation that lasted until 1911, when the Dutch East Indies colonial administration took over.

How to get to Batam Island?

Hang Nadim Batam and Batam Center

Batam can be reached by air from major cities in Indonesia and internationally. Domestic airline companies currently flying to Batam include Garuda Indonesia Airways, Merpati Nusantara, Bouraq Airlines, Mandala Airlines, Jatayu Airlines and several air charter services. Highspeed transport ships also bring visitors to Batam from Singapore, Johor and Jakarta, with hourly services running throughout the day, from various ports around Batam. Due to the proximity of Singapore, most visitors to Batam find that coming by high-speed transport ships is the easiest method of transport.

Singapore - Batam - Singapore Ferry Schedules

Batam Fast Ferry Schedule Sindo Ferry Schedules
Wavemaster Batam Ferry Schedule
Prima Ferry Schedule


The Barelang area is considered as tropical, with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 34 degrees Celsius (77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Humidity in the region ranges from 73% to 96%. In general throughout the region, being a wet season from November to April and a dry season from May until October. Average annual rainfall is around 2,600 mm.

Batam Currency

In Batam, the main transaction currency will be in Indonesia Rupiah (IDR). However you can find alot of money changers in Batam as well if you required to change for some Rupiahs.


Although Malay culture is predominant in the area, population is culturally and ethnically diverse, coming from all over Indonesia as well as from overseas. The population as at December 2000 was 462,528 people, made up of 219,747 males, and 242,781 females. The annual population growth for the past decade has been considerably large, due to the active recruitment of labour by expanding industry. Batam Population

Skilled as well as unskilled workers is in plentiful supply, within Barelang and the rest of Indonesia. At the end of 2000, there were 155,591 people actively employed on Batam, with 74% in manufacturing, 10% in construction, and 8% in the trading, hotel and restaurant At this time there are more than 2000 foreign nationals actively employed on Batam.

Despite the diversity in culture and language, Bahasa Indonesia, the national language, is used by the people from the Archipelago. English is taught in many schools, and is increasingly understood by more of the population, particularly in the Barelang area. English is being used more commonly in daily business communication in the region.

Batam Night Life

A nightlife district widespread among single expats is Nagoya Entertainment District , or simply referred to as NED, this compact district is bounded by the Melia Panorama, Goodway and Harmoni hotels. Lucy's Oarhouse is easiest to search out, Turn left out of the Harmony Hotel or opposite the Goodway Hotel front entrance and walk 100m. The famous PP the Pub is ahead. Rio Rita is over the road. turn right out Lucy's entrance door and you can see the Jungle Bar, Classics, Red Cock, Bistro, Ice Pub and Steps Music Lounge. McDonald's, KFC and a number of other money changers are in the same area.

There are three locations for you hanging out or exploring, earlier than heading back for a great night time's sleep :

1. Karaoke

There are actually a whole lot of karaoke bars situated in virtually every path of Nagoya. It is extremely common with Chinese language and Singaporean, so a lot of the songs are in Chinese language with some effectively-recognized English songs. Beside a large karaoke corridor, many of them also present personal rooms for a group of three-to-eight people or extra, an option to keep away from bad singers in the open lounge who appear to think they are competing on Pop Idol. Beneath is the list of famous Karoake for your reference :

* M-01 Location: At Harbor Bay Mall and Ferry Terminal
* Planed Holiday Karoake Location: Inside Planet Holiday Hotel
* And More….

2. Nightclubs

Nightclubs or discotheques right here often play alternate between techno music and some up-to-date pop. Some locations also have local bands, enjoying English, Indonesian, and Chinese songs. The nightclubs here open from 19:00 onwards and all get busy around midnight and run until 05:00. No strict gown-code although flip-flops will not be allowed for clubbers' own safety. Below is the list of some famous club for all party animals:

* Planet Holiday Discotheque Location: Inside Planet Holiday Hotel Location
* Pacific Discotheque Location: Pacific Hotel, Jodoh
* And more….

3. Massage Parlours

There are various massage facilities which are reputable establishments that supply an skillful therapeutic massage service. Then again there are plenty of the dodgy massage parlours that will give you a therapeutic massage and depending on the girl, will give you that blissful ending you could want. There are a number of massage parlors in the bar district behind Harmoni Resort which do offer the cheaper massage service like this. An hour massage might be as little as RP 60,000 ( about US$7) though the women will generally ask for an additional 200,000Rp (about US$22) for the completely happy ending or some name it a sensual therapeutic massage and with most issues in Indonesia a little bit of bargaining can carry the value down. Under is the checklist of some famous massage parlours in Batam :

* Sport Therapeutic massage Location: Close to Goodway Hotel
* Sawadika Location: Next to Prime 100 Penuin
* Moonlight Location: Opposite of Pasar Puja Bahari Nagoya
* Indo Thai Location: Penuin Conventional Market
* Pas Massage Location: Near Newton space
* And More…..

Places of Interests and Batam Shopping Places

Batam Place of Interest - Batam Barelang Bridge

Barelang Bridge Batam
Batam Place of Interest - Mega mall Batam Center

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya
Batam Place of Interest - Mega mall Batam Center

Tua Pek Kong Temple
Batam Place of Interest - Vietnam Refugees Camp

Vietnam Refugees Camp
Batam Place of Interest - Mega mall Batam Center

Mega Mall Batam Center
Batam Place of Interest - Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall
Diamond City DC Mall

Diamond City (DC) Mall
Harbour Bay Mall

Harbour Bay Mall
Plaza Top 100

Plaza Top 100
Kepri Mall Batam

Kepri Mall
Lucky Plaza Batam

Lucky Plaza
Batam Place of Interest - Batam City Square

Batam City Square (BCS Mall)
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